Billing, insurance, and financial assistance

蒙太奇的健康 takes the guesswork out of understanding the cost of your healthcare. It’s our priority to make the highest-quality medical 服务 accessible and cost-effective to the Monterey County community.

支付ing for your care

Learn different ways you can 付账单, when and how you’ll receive your billing statement, and more.

In-network insurance providers

探索这 insurance providers we accept and what to expect when you use insurance to cover the cost of your care.

What if I don’t have insurance?

Anyone can access our care. 蒙太奇的健康 is committed to serving all who come through our doors, regardless of ability to pay, to the fullest extent allowed by law and available resources. 这包括 emergency care 服务.

If you don’t have insurance or your plan doesn’t cover certain 服务, you may choose to self-pay (pay out-of-pocket). If you’re scheduled for a test or procedure, you may be asked to pay all or part of the expected charges beforehand, with the full balance of the charges due within 30 days after the procedure. You may be eligible for a flexible repayment plan or financial assistance.

Estimate the cost of your care

Use our online tool to estimate the cost of certain 服务 we provide, including common procedures, and compare them to other local healthcare providers.

Medicare drug coverage

If you have Medicare, find out which medications are considered self-administered and how that may impact what you pay for them.


After getting care from Community 医院, MoGo 紧急护理, Montage Medical Group, or a 蒙太奇的健康 provider, 付账单 online using MyChart.


Contact the billing department of:

  • Community 医院 of the Monterey Peninsula or MoGo 紧急护理 at (831) 625-4922 or (888) 625-4922
  • Montage Medical Group at (831) 649-1000

MoGo 紧急护理 billing

Read information about paying for your MoGo 紧急护理 visit, including which insurance plans we accept and how much you may pay.

Talk to a patient advocate

呼叫。 (831) 625-4922 or 电子邮件我们 if you need help to:

  • Understand your Community 医院 or MoGo 紧急护理 bill or our billing process
  • Find state and federal financial assistance programs you may qualify for
  • Complete financial assistance applications
  • Set up a personalized repayment plan if you don’t qualify for assistance